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Why Hire a Tax Accountant.


Clients seek the assistance of Woori Accounting, Inc., because we are able to help them navigate through the complex maze of tax codes they have to face every year. However, people sometimes choose to file their own taxes. While preparing and filing your own taxes may seem like a simple, viable option, there are a number of important considerations to factor into your decision:


Do you have time to adequately complete your tax return?


The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) estimated it would take over 20 hours for the average taxpayer to complete a tax return. This includes organizing the information necessary to prepare and complete a tax return. The amount of time it takes to actually complete the return increases significantly – at least an additional 50% – if you own a business that must be added in your return. The more information that needs to be processed, the narrower the gate you have to thoroughly fill out and complete your return before the due date.


** There is a much higher risk of making a mistake and then being audited. **


Due to the number of items and documents you need to acquire, organize, and prepare, it can be deceptively easy to make a single mistake on your tax return that could result in an audit. A professional tax accountant will properly organize and make accurate assessments of your finances, and then will file your return to help ensure that you are not audited by the IRS.


The tax code may be too complex for inexperienced navigation.


Depending on how much income and assets you possess, the tax code and laws might be too complex for inexperienced individuals to handle on his/her own. There have been over 3,000 changes to the tax law since 2000, and the average taxpayer may have hardship to possibly understand or know which laws are relevant to his or her specific situation. A certified public accountant has the knowledge and professional training necessary to fully comprehend the various tax codes that may apply to you. A CPA and/or EA will be able to file a tax return that accurately represents your financial situation and ensures the best outcome for you.


You might not get as high a tax refund as you deserve.


No one knows tax laws as well as a certified public accountant or Enrolled Agent. With years of in-depth research and careful study under their belt, CPAs and/or EAs have all they need to find exemptions and credits that you may not realize you have. This information is something only a tax professional with years of experience would have. Hiring a tax accountant offers you the greatest chance of getting a larger tax refund.




Why Choose Woori Accounting, Inc.


“Working at Woori Accounting, Inc. is beyond just satisfying, because of the close relationships we build with our clients. It is clearly my second home.”

– Charles B. Jeong, Representative Accountant at Woori Accounting, Inc.


We know a wide range of financial advisory options exists, and we are determined to be the first choice for accounting and bookkeeping needs in Norwalk and throughout Southern California. We are one of the top accounting firms in the area because Woori Accounting, Inc. is thoroughly committed to forming strong, trust-filled relationships with our clients. We distinguish ourselves from other accounting firms and related service personals through our dedicated attention to detail and years of experience in the field of personal and business accounting. This distinctive edge over other firms is evidenced by the countless client testimonials we receive.


Providing hands-on services that are focused on quality and reliability is a core feature of our every day work. Our level of professionalism is one of our hallmarks. Easing the minds of our clients is the first priority — we are able to competently handle all your complex individual and/or business accounting needs and explain the details to you in simple terms.


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